Hello readers and followers.

I have many names but on this blog you will know me as Nikita.

I´m mostly a videogames, anime and manga fan. I am also an enthusiastic writer and reviewer but I tend to write at an sporadic pace, so don´t expect regular updates from my end but, so take a look at this site every once in a (hopefully short) while.

You will only see me posting three types of post: Reviews, Analysis and Opinions. What’s the difference?

Review: General overview of a particular topic. At the end I give a veredict about the particular qualities of the material and how they work, again, a general overview not fully depth.

Analysis: Unlike the above, I can take the luxury of taking me sweet time in giving my full attention to a particular (or at times multiple) element(s) from a material.

Opinion: Very reaction based posts, not critical analitical type (sometimes the may be), just true to my emotions.

Miscellaneous: anything that doesn’t match the above.

That’s all, enjoy your stay here.